History of Pen and Gesture Computing:
Annotated Bibliography in On-line Character Recognition,
Pen Computing, Gesture User Interfaces and Tablet and Touch Computers

(DOI: 10.13140/2.1.3018.8322)
Copyright © 20171118 13:22:52 EST

This posting of an annotated bibliography on gesture user interfaces, on-line character recognition (a.k.a. dynamic character recognition, a.k.a. pen and touch computing), both hardware and software, has been a continuing work-in-progress since the 1980s. It includes information on related application topics, such as digital rights management (DRM). I am posting it as a service to those with interest in the field. It may also be of special interest to anyone investigating any of the areas of digitizer tablets, touchscreens, character recognition, touch/gesture user interfaces, multi-touch computing, touch and proximity sensors, augmented reality, haptics, context-dependent intrepretation of user input, and applications including the same. It covers the time period from approximately 1891 (first electronic tablet) through 1914 (first gesture/handwriting-recognition input system) to the present day.

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References from the approximate years 1991 to 1993.

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